Learn how to capture the living beauty of water lilies in a water garden through free public seminars at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. this Saturday at Geobunga. During the interactive workshop, participants will learn about the care and varieties of water plants, and then learn to plant a keiki water lily themselves. Those interested in taking home a planted lily can do so for $10 per lily.

“Why give your loved one cut flowers, when you can give them a water lily that blooms anew each day?” asked Andrew Dedrick, Geobunga executive director. “Lilies and other water plants provide a calming beauty that immediately turns any space into a tranquil oasis.”

Water garden basics

Whether you have a backyard pond or live in an apartment with a sunny lanai, you can enjoy the beauty of a water lily garden. Water plants thrive in Hawaii, with the islands’ year-round sunlight and mild climate.

Workshop topics include:


• Different kinds of water plants

• Basic care, including proper growing conditions, pruning, fertilizer requirements

• Hands-on planting experience

“I have a water lily on my front step that has bloomed every day for over a year,” said Dedrick. “It’s so simple to care for. I periodically snip off old flowers and fertilize monthly. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of these plants, anywhere they have access to sunlight.”

Free seminar to the public


Don’t miss your chance to learn the basics at Saturday’s free seminar, Water Lilies and Water Gardens, at Geobunga, located at 4299 Lawehana St., across from Target in Salt Lake. Each participant will learn how to properly pot and fertilize a lily, and can purchase that lily for only $10 if they so choose. Within four to eight weeks, their lily will bloom, and within a year, the lily will generate another lily or two that they can then replant themselves.

Geobunga also has a wide range of decorative pots available for purchase. For every $100 spent on pottery, Geobunga will provide a free keiki lily.

Space for the free seminar is limited, and reservations are recommended. Visit geobunga.com to register.

Geobunga turns the ordinary into extraordinary as Hawaii’s best resource for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience. Providing unique garden elements from around the world, Geobunga specializes in stone pavers and benches, decorative rocks, ceramic pots, fountains and bamboo accents, including a variety of plants. With the best prices, selection and service in the state, each visit to Geobunga brings something new to discover.

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