When purchasing windows and doors for your home, be akamai. When shopping for a company you can trust your home to, there are key ways to search. Here are some things to look out for:

Is the company local? Ask how long it has been in business. One, two, five years? Most companies don’t make it longer than six.


How many installations? Be sure to inquire about installations here in Hawaii, not on the mainland.

Who are you dealing with? A salesman or a contractor/owner? Think about what really qualifies someone to give you an estimate — is the person just a fast-talking salesmen? Has this person been to training or ever installed a window or door? How long has the person been doing this?

What is the warranty? All people in Hawaii have heard “your warranty is only as good as the company.” Does the warranty cover hardware, glass, frame and workmanship? And how do you know that the company will be there 20 years from now when you need it?


The good news is that Tropical Wholesale has been in Hawaii for 37 years, servicing customers and actively doing business on all Islands. We have done more than 10,000 installations.

Tropical Wholesale has no salesman, just family, which includes Matthew Houar, the general contractor, his son, Mike, and five other family members as representation. It is a true family business working for Hawaii, in Hawaii.

Tropical Wholesale has five separate licensed contractors employed in supervisory positions to insure the highest quality workmanship at affordable prices, with all local boys installing windows and doors, six days a week.


Tropical Wholesale is the only contractor that has a lifetime warranty on material, labor and workmanship. The company also has a lifetime warranty for hardware in Hawaii. Our Simonton windows and doors were rated No. 1 by J.D. Power and Associates again because they are the best.

So when it’s time to purchase windows and doors for your home, be akamai and call Tropical Wholesale, the experts at 263-1252 or 292-2942.

CONTACT: 263-1252 • 456-4892 • 396-0971 • tropicalwholesale@hawaii.rr.com


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