If you’ve ever waited in frustration for your turn in the bathroom, you know that just about every home could use a spare bath. A macerating toilet system is a great alternative to conventional (gravity) plumbing in situations where no below-floor drainage exists.

Macerating, or up-flush, plumbing gives you unlimited flexibility, because there is no need to break through the floors to install drainage piping, which adds substantial cost to the project.


From the attic to the basement, up-flush plumbing lets you create a full bathroom anywhere you like. “It’s a pretty good concept,” says Otis Dardy, general contractor and owner of Dardy Construction.

Dardy recently used Saniflo up-flush plumbing for a residential customer’s remodel and is now incorporating Saniflo in bids for other jobs. “This saves a lot of time, and it’s nice and neat,” he says, noting that his bids for the up-flush plumbing are around $5,000 less than the industry’s conventional counterparts, thanks to easy installations.

In an up-flush system, waste and water are pumped from the toilet, sink and tub or shower up, rather than flowing down, as with conventional plumbing. This technology is also different from sewage ejection systems, which temporarily store plumbing waste in a nearby tank, which can cause odor problems. With up-flush plumbing, the waste is removed to the sewer line or the septic tank with every flush.


What could be more practical or efficient than an extra bathroom? This is one remodel project guaranteed to improve comfort and convenience in the near term, while delivering a strong return on investment when your home is sold.