For most people, remodeling a kitchen includes a complete change of cabinets and countertops, maybe even appliances. If your cabinets are still in good condition but you want to improve your kitchen in some way, replacing your old countertop with one made of granite is a great choice. It is a good investment and will definitely change the atmosphere.

Granite has high tolerance to cold and heat. You can safely place hot metal pans from your oven directly on the granite top without the need for a hot pad. Although, you will have to be wary of placing hot glass or ceramic dishes on it as they may crack if the countertop is too cold. This happens because of the difference in temperature and it is called thermal shock.

As for cold items, you do not need to worry about condensation that may make your granite countertop have a dark spot if not properly sealed. Any condensation that may happen in the stone will fade away in an hour.


Granite countertops may be used as a cutting board too. Because the hardness of granite is greater than steel, you do not need to worry about kitchen knives scratching your granite surface. It is not recommended, however, to always cut on your granite countertop as it will actually make your knife dull over time.

Another way to add to your kitchen or other rooms is to create a standalone island with cabinets as the base. It will be a great place to sit, eat, work, study or hang out.

Along with brand new cabinets and countertops, there are other ways to make your kitchen more functional and last longer. Pull-out drawers are a great add-on for existing kitchen cabinets. With metal ball-bearing tracks and solid wood dovetail drawers, you will never again need to worry about hard-to-reach items in the back.

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