Water is the most destructive element to our pavements. Filling or sealing pavement cracks to prevent water from entering the base and subbase will extend your pavement life by five to seven years.

Continual maintenance, however, can potentially double that. Water is very intrusive and will find its way into open voids.


To enhance durability, pavements are made these days to expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes. Consequently, cracks and joints are expanding and contracting when the pavement moves. Sealing the cracks with a flexible rubberized asphalt that bonds to the crack walls and moves with the pavement will prevent water intrusion. Sealing cracks is better than filling them. As part of a pavement management system, crack sealing can reduce pavement deterioration by restricting water penetration into underlying base and subbase layers. This restriction helps to maintain pavement structural capacity and limits future degradation. Sealing prior to surface treatments enhances the treatment and further extends the pavement life.

It is important to know that not all cracks are created equal. If you have what is referred to as “alligator,” “spidering” or “chicken wire” cracking (terms used because the cracks resemble alligator skin, a spiders web or chicken wire), sealing won’t help. It may buy you a little time, however asphalt repairing will be the next step.

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