The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “nanotechnology” as the art of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale. Nano Tek-On takes this art to a higher level, benefiting office buildings, industrial and agricultural complexes, hotels, condos and individual homes. Nano Tek-On’s products reduce costs by eliminating expensive cleaning products, cutting the time needed to clean and maintain surfaces or the costs involved in replacing them. Nano Tek-On’s advanced technology also can save on water costs, equipment repair and replacement.

Often, the cost of “money-saving” products outweighs the cost-saving benefits. This is not so with Nano Tek-On. Harald von Sydow, director of Nano Tek-On, explains that its surface protective coatings, for example, will reduce cleaning costs by up to 90 percent with up to 10-year warranties.

Think about that statistic for a minute: reduce cleaning time of glass, stone, tiles and grout, even stainless steel by up to 90 percent. That is very impressive! Nano Tek-On’s surface protective coatings are permanent, invisible and not slippery. The technology used makes it possible to fill the pores of these surfaces, blocking dirt, stains and corrosion. Other Nano Tek-On products seemingly permit surfaces to clean themselves. Perfect for using on walkways, driveways, roofs and eaves. Just watch as the dirt seems to disappear. If you have surfaces that are subject to mold and mildew or are porous and in areas where bacteria and allergens collect, you know how expensive and nearly impossible they are to clean. Nano Tek-On’s antimicrobial coatings put molecular spears to work to kill these illness-causing microbes. And they work in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.


Another Nano Tek-On product that works in all these areas is HydroFlow. Not a coating, HydroFlow is an environmentally safe system installed (plugged on) on the plumbing of a structure to break down existing lime-scale deposits, and prevent future build up. This adds years of life to dishwashers, refrigerator/freezers, pumps, heat exchangers and even boilers in apartment buildings and solar hot-water systems.

All of these Nano Tek-On products are environmentally friendly. And von Sydow says that Nano Tek-On’s experienced staff will apply the coatings and install HydroFlow, or show you or your maintenance people how to maintain the products.

To see a HyrdoFlow unit and how these coatings work, come to the Hawaii Buildings, Facilities & Property Management Expo on Wednesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 8 at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. You’ll find Nano Tek-On at Booth #518, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days, and admission is free.

If you cannot make it to the show, please visit or call 395-2996 and learn how the company puts nanotechnology to work for you, lowering maintenance, time and labor costs.

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