One of the mistakes that many homeowners have made in the last decade is failing to consider the long-term quality, safety and lifespan of their new kitchen renovations.

In the last decade, the trend has been to sacrifice the long-term quality, safety and lifespan of renovations for the lowest price possible. Many of those homeowners have discovered problems with their kitchens in the last several years, causing a reversal of that trend. Those same homeowners are again replacing their kitchens, understanding the importance of long-term quality, safety and longevity.


Many of the lowest-priced cabinets used in kitchen renovations in the last 10 years have been manufactured in China, which is notorious in the news for cutting corners to the point where oftentimes the resulting products are unsafe to use in homes.

Stories of little quality control in factories are familiar to homeowners.

Many factories turn out sub-standard wood filled with voids and patches or wood contaminated with toxic and cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde, sulfur, lead and other resins. These chemicals are illegal for American manufacturers to use because they are banned by the EPA and the CARB initiative.


Oftentimes these cabinets start falling apart or warping after a few years because production was not done correctly. Finishes are thin and inconsistent, drawer fronts bow away from the wood underneath, and the cabinets are out of square and don’t fit. Hardware is made from cheap, stamped light-gauge metal and fails quickly.

Today’s trends steer away from these cheap, unsafe cabinets and toward quality American-made cabinetry, understanding that the safety and longevity are well worth it. Also, when considering the total cost of a renovation, the total is oftentimes only 10 to 20 percent more.

CS Design Builders is a specialist in high-quality American-made cabinetry, made of sturdy plywood boxes of up to 3/4-inch thickness, environmentally friendly and safe materials, custom hand-made craftsmanship and finishes, with exceptional care in manufacturing and assembly, to ensure your kitchen will not only be built with quality, safety and longevity, but also that your kitchen will be exactly what you want in look, color, design and feel.


CS Design Builders helps you design, select and build your unique dream kitchen and provides you with a kitchen that is safe for your family, built with quality and warrantied for life.

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