Aloha and welcome to spring, which means the termites are beginning to swarm. Akamai Pest Solutions is dedicated to treating drywood termites with the least hassle and danger to the home and business owner as possible.

Today I want to answer some commonly asked questions about our XT-2000 orange oil treatments for drywood termites and talk a bit about termite swarming:

Q: Can I stay in my home while the treatment is happening?

A: Absolutely. That’s the great thing about orange oil. The structure can be treated without moving out or boarding pets. We have treated structures with infants, people on oxygen and several other health or logistic issues.

Q: How do termites enter my home?


A: Drywood termites infest dry, undecayed wood including redwood, deaf limbs of native trees, shade and orchard trees, utility poles, posts as well as structural lumber in storage. To establish new colonies, winged reproductives will swarm to exposed wood on the exterior of nearby buildings and other structures.

Q: What are drywood termite swarms?

A: Termites go through a simple metamorphosis with egg, nymph and adult stages. Within four to five years on average of the establishment of the colony, up to 87 percent of the adults grow wings and become male and female reproductives. These winged termites will exit the colony in a swarm. This usually occurs on sunny days in the spring and summer although in a tropical climate, swarming can take place throughout the year.

Q: What are flying termites?

A: Termites that leave the colony to establish other colonies are called swarmers.

Q: Do only drywood termites swarm?

A: No, not only drywood termites swarm. Formosan subterranean termites also swarm, and their colonies can be so massive that oftentimes a large swarm may be subterranean termites and not drywood termites. It also could be both.

Q: Do you offer treatment for subterranean termites?


A: Yes we do treat subterranean termites, but we have to use a registered termite treatment material. We cannot use orange oil treatment because it will not leave the long residual needed for long-term protection.

Q: Does Akamai Pest Solutions offer a drywood warranty?

A: Yes, it does. Our standard warranty is two years and includes annual inspections, and any new infestations are treated at that time.

Q: Once termites are located, how does XT-2000 orange oil kill termites?

A: With the drill-and-treat method, a technician will apply enough XT-2000 orange oil to saturate the infested wood. Once saturated, the orange oil will wick through wood, getting to hard-to-reach areas. Once it comes into contact with termites and their eggs, their lights are out.

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