Spring is here, which means one thing: It’s time to get your home in tip-top shape. By completing a few easy tasks, you can spend more time soaking up the sun and less time on interior projects.

Here are ways to give your home that “spring cleaning” feel without spending the entire spring, well, cleaning:

Let there be light


Nothing makes the house feel drab like dirty windows. Make any room feel bright by cleaning the inside glass of your windows. A quick once over with a paper towel and glass cleaner should do the trick and look for a “streak-free” formula.

Get the outside just as clean by using a cleaner that attaches directly to your garden hose.

Pick up a paint brush

To freshen up any room for springtime, pull out your paint. Don’t try to redo the whole house — pick the room where a fresh coat of paint will make the biggest impact. Choose a fun new color, or add some flair with a unique design like stripes or chevron. And, don’t forget to touch up the trim if you have the time. To ensure painting is a painless process, be sure to select the right tape for your surface, like FrogTape Multi-Surface.

Wash away grime


Some spots in your home may be home to lots of germs. Increase your interior’s clean factor by tossing throw blankets, pillows, window treatments, even couch covers in the washing machine to get rid of germs. Then, hang them outside to dry in the sun and soak up that springtime scent.

Dust your digs

Spring brings more than just sunshine — it’s also the bearer of seasonal allergies. Help fight the sniffles by shaking out rugs and giving rooms a good once over with a feather duster. If wiping down the entire house seems too tedious, focus on areas that aren’t in plain sight. Throughout the year, you probably wipe down surfaces that are clearly visible — tables, shelves, countertops. But, when was the last time the top of the refrigerator or the ceiling fan saw a duster? You won’t regret using spring cleaning as a chance to focus on those areas that don’t often get cleaned.

Follow these simple tips to make every moment count this spring. Your home will be sparkly and clean before you know it — giving you plenty of time to relax and soak up the sun.