If you’re getting ready to sell your house, take a moment to look at your roof from a potential buyer’s perspective. Does your roof look ratty or like a problem waiting to happen with tattered or missing shingles? Or does your roof look clean and well-maintained?

Hawaii’s real estate market is fairly competitive, so it makes sense to get your roof in tip-top condition and ready for showing. Whether you just need to buff up the roof for showing or opt to replace your roof, a call to Murakami’s Roofing for a free roof inspection makes sense. If you do replace your roof, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2010-2011 Cost to Value Report for Honolulu, 65.5 percent of the cost for an average roof replacement is recouped. This is higher than the national average of 59.5 percent of the cost recouped.


The company offers free roof inspections, so call Murakami’s Roofing at 348-8270 to set up a free inspection by a roofing professional. Murakami’s will make a recommendation to repair or replace and will provide a written estimate based on the condition and size of your roof.

The following do-it-yourself steps to beautify your roof are among the top 10 basic repairs recommended by Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate:

• Replace missing shingles or broken tiles. This is not entirely a do-it-yourself repair, but easily improves the appearance of your roof. Call a roofing professional if you need help.


• Wash and treat the roof. Mold is a common problem in Hawaii, causing a dark appearance in some areas where the mold is growing. Power wash the roof and treat with a zinc solution recommended by a roofing professional.

• Clean and caulk the gutters. Clear out leaves and debris from the gutters, and while you’re there, recaulk the gutter end caps. Just like your bathtub or kitchen sink, old caulk allows for leaking, or in the case of your roof, will cause pooling and potential damage.

When you need help, Murakami’s Roofing is ready. The Murakami family began their roofing business more than 35 years ago in Kaneohe. Clinton Murakami grew up learning the business with his dad and was inspired to run a professional operation. Every day, Clinton recommits himself to delivering a strong, durable roof at a good value for local folks.

CONTACT: 348-8270 • murakamiroofing@gmail.com
WEBSITE: murakamiroofing.net



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