RevoluSun boasts an impressive 93 percent client satisfaction rating, based on an internal audit Hawaii’s largest residential solar firm conducted in late 2011. In addition, solar panel manufacturer Sun-Power interviewed RevoluSun clients who installed SunPower systems, calculating a 94 percent client-satisfaction rating.

“This recognition means so much to us, as it reinforces our commitment to helping people easily turn to solar,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “We may be the largest residential solar firm, but without great client service, we have nothing. Ensuring our homeowners are happy is so important that RevoluSun employs a full-time person to work with clients to ensure their experience is extremely positive, from the first meeting until the system goes live.”

Customer care director

RevoluSun customer care director Nerene Merlino is committed to frequent and clear communication with homeowners, as they embark on the sometimes complex journey of “going solar.”


“My goal is to not only provide exceptional customer service to all RevoluSun clients by immediately addressing any concerns, but also determine best practices toward making installing a system quick and easy. Our ultimate goal is to see homeowners delight in producing clean, renewable energy and a much lower electric bill as soon as possible.”

Best technology and experience

RevoluSun offers its clients the very best in solar panels, and recently began offering the SunPower E20 series 327 solar panels. The most efficient commercially available solar panels in the world, the E20/327 panel produces more power in the same amount of space — up to double the amount of power compared to conventional systems — thereby saving homeowners significant amounts in equipment and installation costs.

Meanwhile, RevoluSun project developers and project managers are masters of their craft. In fact, RevoluSun has had an almost 100-percent approval rating following system installations because of the precision involved in the construction process. In addition, thanks to RevoluSun’s advanced industry knowledge, the Hawaii-owned company is able to provide a myriad of ways to finance a solar system so almost any homeowner can create clean energy.

Best source of solar education

Hawaii homeowners interested in learning more about solar power and financing options should attend one of RevoluSun’s free monthly solar education seminars. Or, stop by a solar open house for a chance to talk story with other local homeowners about their experience in “joining the RevoluSun” and see their system in action. For a complete list of solar education seminars or solar open houses, as well as financing options and information, visit

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