Retired engineer Dave Stock and his wife, Mary, had been thinking about going green for some time. They understood the power of renewable energy in reducing Hawaii’s reliance on fossil fuels, helping the environment and most importantly, decreasing their monthly electric bills for their Kailua home. Being retired, a lower electric bill also would help the bottom line.

Manoa resident Ray Tabata, who retired last summer, also considered solar for years, but the timing wasn’t right until last year.

After visiting a RevoluSun solar open house in their respective neighborhoods, where they learned about Revolu-Sun’s multiple financing options, each family decided to move ahead with their desire to install a PV system.


Through RevoluSun’s partnership with SunRun, a solar-power service, homeowners can pay no money out of pocket and begin paying less for energy as soon as the system goes live. Or they can choose to prepay for the next 20 years of electricity, locking in a rate much lower than current electricity costs, that ends up saving the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in electricity charges over the life of the system.

“Our choice of the SunRun prepaid program was based on the company owning, maintaining, insuring and monitoring the system while we enjoyed the lower electric bills,” said Dave Stock. “It’s like an ‘annuity’ where my upfront investment keeps paying me back monthly for 20 years at least, and the return on investment is really terrific when you look at the numbers!”

“At RevoluSun, our goal is to make installing a solar system as easy as possible for Hawaii homeowners, no matter what their budget,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “Our long-standing relationship with SunRun, coupled with generous state and federal tax programs, helps make solar energy feasible for almost any Hawaii homeowner.”

Both homeowners saw their monthly electric bill drop dramatically. Prior to the install, the Stocks’ bill averaged $180 per month.


It went down to $16 per month. For the Tabatas, their bill dropped from $130 to $18. Essentially, both are creating enough clean energy during the day to offset 100 percent of their total consumption almost every month.

“RevoluSun impressed us with good communication and follow up, and we trusted SunRun by association with RevoluSun,” said Tabata. “I’ve already mentioned our system and experience with RevoluSun and SunRun to many friends. We are fully onboard for RevoluSun to use our home for future open houses as well.”

“The system looks great and I have received lots of positive comments from folks passing by the house as to how clean and neat it looks,” Stock added. “One of my neighbors already installed a RevoluSun solar system as a result of the first open house we had.”

Homeowners interested in learning more about solar power and financing options should attend one of RevoluSun’s free monthly solar education seminars. Or, stop by a solar open house for a chance to talk story with other local homeowners about their experience in “joining the RevoluSun” and see their system in action. For a complete list of solar-education seminars or solar open houses, as well as financing options and information, visit

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