The photovoltaic (PV) market is exploding, and everyone is trying to get a piece of the action. This has caused a saturation of contractors claiming they can install your PV system. The positive side to this is that homeowners have a plethora of contractors to choose from. The decision-making process, however, should not be based on cost alone. Consider a contractor who is trustworthy, reputable and provides quality workmanship.

Being driven by price alone can cause you to lose sight of these important aspects:

Seek multiple quotes

This educates you on the general cost involved and ensures you get a fair market price. Even for homeowners who just want electrical work, ALL G Electric always encourages them to seek multiple bids before making a decision. This allows the homeowner to meet face to face and interview more than one contractor and get their perspective on how they would approach the job specifically. Each contractor can have a different opinion and approach to doing the same job. This also educates the homeowner on the construction process and can prevent the homeowner from feeling taken advantage of. Be cautious of the contractor whose only concern is to give you the lowest price. Typically the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” tends to be true.

Do your research


Research the contractors you are considering and their track record. Websites like the Hawaii Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) are good places to start. The BBB is an organization that establishes various standards that members are evaluated and rated against. Ratings are unbiased and objective. Any filed complaints/claims against the contractor also can be viewed. The DCCA is a state-run division that primarily governs the following related to businesses and/or contractors: registration and licensing, financial health and soundness, complaint processing and consumer protection and education.

Conduct a search on the contractors to see if they are actively licensed and compliant with the guidelines and requirements for running a business in Hawaii.

Finalizing the agreement

The contractor should provide you with a contract/something in writing that outlines the scope of work as discussed, including any add-ons. It also should state all warranty information and future servicing of your PV system. Typically a deposit is required, so be sure to get a receipt. Be cautious if the contractor insists on dealing only in cash. Cash has no paper trail and cannot be cancelled like a check. Since PV systems are eligible for state and federal tax credits, a receipt showing your purchase and installation of the system will be required.

ALL G Electric is a professionally licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor. The company partners with Murakami’s Roofing, a company with an unparalleled local track record, to offer a complete solution for every electrical and PV need.

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