The recent rain and windstorm took many Islanders by surprise. Most people saw the floods in yards and streets, but have yet to check out their roof and its post-storm condition.

Is water gushing out of your gutters? That is probably a good sign that they are clear of debris. However, to err on the side of caution, all the wind may have blown extra leaves right off into your gutters — so use a hose and shoot water through to make sure the gutters are clear.

Take out binoculars and inspect the tiles/shingles. Don’t walk on the roof! Look for pooling, sagging or missing shingles.


Inside, check the attic for leakage and wet spots. Walk around and look at the ceilings. Are they dry or is there a suspicious puddle?

Call for a free roof inspection

Call Murakami’s Roofing at 348-8270 to schedule a free roof inspection by a roofing professional. It sounds easy to do yourself, but better safe than sorry when it comes to the roof that is protecting the belongings inside.

Clinton Murakami is a second generation licensed roofing contractor with 25 years of experience in the business. Clinton or his professional staff will inspect your roof with the kind of experienced eye that comes from seeing all types of roofs in all types of conditions.

Murakami’s Roofing will provide a written estimate and answer questions. If you think of a few more, feel free to call and ask. Murakami’s is customer-service oriented and wants to make sure the customer is satisfied.


Depending on the size and complexity of the roof, most projects take one day from start to finish. From removing the old roof to cleaning up the mess afterwards, Murakami’s aims to make reroofing as uneventful for customers as possible.

Free gutters

This month, Murakami’s Roofing is offering free gutters with a complete reroof! That savings comes in handy, especially if you are thinking about a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for your home.

Thinking of PV?

Consult Murakami’s Roofing and our electrical contractor partner, ALL G Electric before you install a PV system. Finding out that your roof is not viable after the fact will be a costly lesson. Plus, Murakami’s Roofing will aid in the PV installation process by recommending the best layout of the PV panels so you maximize your investment with energy savings.

To learn more, call Murakami’s Roofing today for the company that’s building confidence into every roof.

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