Most people in Hawaii don’t get the maximum use out of their roofs. If it springs a leak or two, they often rush to replace it with a brand new one — without checking first to see what a guaranteed repair would cost. That can be a costly mistake.

With the recent spike in oil prices we are seeing the cost of the raw materials used to make an asphalt roof rise also. But that’s only half the problem. The cost to ship the heavy roof materials from the Mainland also is going up. When you add the cost of tearing off the old roof and hauling it to the dump — also energy intensive — it can make many Islanders look for a cost-effective alternative.

This is where LeakMaster Roofing comes in. The company has specialized in guaranteed roof repairs for 22 years. It’s in the name. Leakmaster won’t try to sell you a new roof if all you need is a quality repair.


Here are some tips for repairing some of the most common roofs:

Flat-roof repairs

The best way, generally, to repair flat roofs is with reinforced roof coatings. Why? Because Leakmaster can do whole sections of the roof at a time, starting with the most troublesome first. If after doing, say, the first 200 square feet of your roof — and it still leaks — you can just do another section until you finally cover the leak. The best thing about this is that whichever area you cover is protected against further decay from the sun’s UV rays. You never have to tear off and replace your old roof, just re-coat it every seven to 15 years with a simple topcoat.

Shingle roofs

There are two ways to repair shingle roofs. The first method is to replace the blown-off shingles with new ones — and that’s it! However, in the next big wind storm, the remaining old, brittle shingles will continue to blow off and you will be calling your roofer again.

The long-term solution is to coat your shingle roof after you replace the missing shingles. The secret is using 5 gallons per 100 square feet on most roofs. That way the shingle laps are firmly cemented down and will resist high-wind blow off. Even better is to have Leakmaster put an aluminum termination along the roof’s edge to protect the vulnerable first row from blowing off.


In terms of the roof color, pure white is becoming more accepted as an elegant alternative in Hawaii’s neighborhoods. However, if you wish to blend in more, the coating can be tinted to a light to medium color.

Wood-shake shingles

Wood roofs have grown very expensive in recent years because of high material costs.

The good news is that even when they are missing many shingles, they can be brought back to life with an expert repair. You want to replace those missing shingles because underneath is a thin, black roofing felt that will be eaten up by the sun’s UV and leak if they are not covered up.

If you are interested in getting a free estimate for your project, call LeakMaster Roofing at 591-1900 or visit the company’s website at You also can visit the unique Cool Roof Store at Green Energy Outlet (GEO) in Kakaako. There you can see all of the systems up close and talk to the knowledgeable staff.

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