Learn how to grow fresh herbs and vegetables at The Cook’s Garden, a free seminar at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 17 at Geobunga in Salt Lake, across from Target.

“Growing food you use in everyday cooking is truly rewarding, and relatively simple to do,” said Andrew Dedrick, Geobunga’s executive director. “Whether you have a yard or even a postage-stamp-sized lanai, we can help even black thumbs learn the basics of growing what you eat at the seminar.”


Hawaii residents can grow fresh produce year-round, thanks to the Islands’ mild climate and sunny weather. Herbs such as basil, oregano and rosemary; lettuces like Manoa and arugula; and cherry or regular tomatoes thrive in the islands.

“Some of the easiest plants to care for are basil, green onions and arugula lettuce, and all are commonly used in cooking,” Dedrick said. “While preparing dinner, I can just break off some herbs or gather some lettuce for a salad. Not only is it extremely fresh, but I know exactly who has been in contact with it, it saves me money and is readily available.”

Family activity

Dedrick adds that growing your own food is a great activity for families.


“My kids have always helped with the gardening — seed planting, watering, fertilizing, weeding and finally harvesting. It provides many teachable moments about things like sustainability and responsibility. And we all know things kids make always taste better, so it encourages them to eat more vegetables!”

Growing basics

Seminar attendees learn the basics of planting and harvesting and the many options available to them. Container gardening has become extremely popular, as anyone with some sunlight and space — even a small lanai or kitchen window box — can grow fresh herbs and vegetables. Following the seminar, people can ask questions one on one with Geobunga instructor Keola Kalama, to learn more about their specific gardening needs. Also, attendees can get everything they need including pots, topsoil, potting mix and pre-planted herbs and vegetables.

“Another wonderful thing about growing what you eat is that many of these plants are beautiful and add an aesthetic value to your home,” said Dedrick.


Don’t miss your chance to learn how to grow your own garden at home. Space is limited and reservations are recommended. Visit www.geobunga.com to register.

Geobunga is Hawaii’s best resource for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience. Providing unique garden elements from all over the world, Geobunga specializes in stone pavers, decorative rocks, stones and pebbles, ceramic pots, fountains, stone benches, bamboo accents and outdoor sculptures, as well as a full line of plants. With the best prices, selection and service in the state, each visit to Geobunga brings something new to discover.

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