Painting contractor Jimmy Suh has been called an “artist” and a “miracle worker” by clients who have seen him bring new life to their home or office with his special talent.

His company, Deep Purple Painting, was one of the most sought-after painting contractors in San Francisco for nearly 20 years. The record of hundreds of vintage homes Suh transformed can be viewed on a DVD he makes available on request.


Two years ago, Suh decided it was time to fulfill his family’s dream of living in Hawaii and moved the business to Honolulu. His reputation was quickly established as a first-rate professional, much of his new business generated by referrals from satisfied clients.

In addition to working directly with homeowners, Suh also contracts with builders and architects for new custom homes and remodeling jobs.

“When new clients see my DVD or photos of my work, they always comment on the meticulous detailing we are capable of,” Suh said. “I understand color and the relationships between colors, how some colors complement others, and I can advise the client on choices if they want advice. There also is the matter of surfaces and textures — should a wall or trim be finished with flat or glossy paint, smooth or textured. There are many choices to consider, particularly if the client wants a whole new look. If all that’s needed is to refresh the interior or exterior of a home or office with a new coat of paint, same color, same style, we can do that, too.


“Anyone who has been to San Francisco in recent years knows how the old neighborhoods are being transformed with new paint and elaborate detailing. Every architect and interior designer wants a new and original color scheme. As for our work in Hawaii over the past two years, we can also provide local references and addresses so anyone interested in having us quote a job can start there.”

Suh also makes it a point of meeting with the client at the job site to assess the condition of the property, the amount of necessary prep work, and to determine colors of walls, siding and trim. Once he knows the scope of the job, he prepares a written quote and time frame for the client.

“I assure them that I am there at the job site to ensure perfection and customer satisfaction for every project we take on, whether large or small,” Suh said.

CONTACT: 739-2000