Is it the right time to remodel your home or add that “ohana unit” you’ve been thinking about? Maybe you feel you could use an addition, a bigger kitchen, a bathroom or a master bedroom? Designer-builder Frank “Sonny” Duarte, owner of Ohana Home Additions & Remodeling, has been perfecting home building for more than 30 years on Oahu and throughout the Hawaiian Islands, as well as on the mainland. He has extensive experience in planning, remodeling and all aspects of home construction. “The approach I take with each home is to engage the homeowner in the process while incorporating their lifestyle and utility into the design,” says Frank. His company has a unique advantage in that he has built complete homes from the ground up, as well as specialized in additions, renovations and remodeling.

“In addition to building and remodeling homes, I focus on other needs like redesigning kitchens and bathrooms, or taking an ordinary bedroom and making it a master suite.

It’s all in how you approach the renovation of your home. By re-thinking what areas you spend most of your time in, you can remodel them, which will improve your home life while having a positive effect on reselling your property, should that be a consideration for you down the road.” And if you are tired of coming home and seeing your house look the same, there’s plenty that can be done, Frank says. “Sometimes the outside grounds or yard, even planters that are lacking, can be improved upon by landscaping, giving that extra boost you need to make your home beautiful again. Grading your yard while planning for irrigation and retaining walls can all be designed into your renovation, producing an amazing new perception of your home!”


It used to be that most properties would rise in value fairly regularly over time. But with the current soft market, it’s the bigger house, the modernized house and renovated homes that will be more apt to catch the eye of those in the market to buy. And since owning a home is much like having your own bank (considering you have substantial equity), why not take advantage of that through renovating and take your home from one with two bedrooms and one bath to a home with three bedrooms and two baths?

“Your home is likely your greatest investment. And since upgrading it often increases its value, with equity lines and home-improvement loans at super-low rates, it could be a great time to renovate!”

Frank is also the owner of D’s Affordable Plumbing, providing excellent service, installation and repairs for homeowners, which is an advantage when it comes to offering design ideas. Frank can suggest several cost-saving fixtures while considering your new home renovation. “My commitment to quality construction encompasses a belief that every home that I put my hand to will be the same quality I would build for myself,” Frank says.

Call Frank or visit his website to consider taking on your project.

CONTACT: 358-9696