Sustainable, energy-efficient homes are increasing in value in Hawaii, because of their lower operating costs and superior comfort levels. “No other building material achieves these green standards more so than wood,” shares Ken Laughlin, president of the Hawaii Lumber Products Association (HLPA).

The Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials has conducted a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment (LCA) to identify and compare the environmental impacts related to borate-treated lumber framing and galvanized steel framing. An LCA assesses the overall environmental impact of products from the manufacturing process to recycling or disposal. This study focuses on each material’s greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel use, water use, acidification, ecological toxicity, smog-forming potential and eutrophication. Based on a 2,225-square-foot U.S. family home, the study shows that the environmental impact of borate-treated lumber used for wall framing is less than 1/10 of a percent of the family’s annual overall impact on each level.


“The green movement is gaining more and more momentum each year and will continue to influence how we build our homes,” said Ken Laughlin, president of HLPA. “Homeowners who choose to build green using borate-treated lumber are fundamentally creating a home that preserves the future of our environment.”

To encourage the use of treated wood in Hawaii, HLPA is committed to promoting wood as a sustainable and economical building material. As Hawaii’s only devoted lumber association, the HLPA is dedicated to providing homeowners and building industry professionals with information on wood’s environmental benefits and money-saving opportunities.

Wood’s worth is rooted in the fact that it is the most environmentally sustainable building material. From this, homeowners can benefit from reduced costs during the building process and all through the entire life of the home. Wood, therefore, proves that it is the best-value building material as it is beneficial for Hawaii’s residents as well as the environment.


The HLPA is comprised of professionals representing the development and construction industry as well as building material producers and service companies. They are committed to the education and promotion of lumber products as the best choice for home construction in Hawaii. To find out more about using wood to build commercial buildings, visit the website, www.Ha

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