T. Oki Trading, the parent company of Hawaii Home Expo, has consistently strived to find high-quality products. As the years have gone by, the emphasis has shifted to focusing on products that not only deliver high performance, but also are environmentally friendly. In fact, T. Oki Trading was the first company to bring over Toto brand toilets, which was the pioneer brand in developing toilets with low-flush technologies in order to conserve our planet’s finite sources of fresh water. However, the style and function of a Toto toilet are not for everyone. To that end, Hawaii Home Expo is proud to announce that they have brought on another line of toilets and plumbing that specializes in low water usage.

Inax (pronounced ee-nahks) has been in constant competition with Toto in Japan, and as such, their lines have slightly different functionality as well as styling, yet have a similar mission to conserve water. One thing that Inax specializes in is dual-flush technology. Many of their lines have this feature available, and this allows the user to choose from 0.8 Gallons Per Flush (GPF) or 1.28 GPF (this is for the ECO-X series). When compared with a toilet that has a 1.6 gallon flush, the ECO-X series can save an average of 40 percent for a family of four. There are five different flushing systems to choose from, all of which are designed for a clean, powerful flush while also reducing the amount of water used. All of the toilets in the lineup have sleek styling and all of them are skirted, which means that the under carriage of the bowls are all flat with none of the pipes exposed. This means that cleaning around the toilet is a lot simpler.


Also, there are two technologies that work hand in hand to keep the toilet clean. Inax’s antibacterial technology, which hinders the breeding of bacteria and reduces stains, helps to keep the toilet clean. The other technology, which may seem like common sense, is a smooth, hard surface. With a surface that is smoothed down to a nano-particle size, waste doesn’t adhere to the bowl and is easily washed away with each flush. The hard surface, which resists scratches, maintains this ultra smooth, waste-resistant surface. And, of course, Inax has its own lines of washlet seats and integrated toilets to bring the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness to your family.

Most importantly, while having eco-friendly products is a wonderful concept, Hawaii Home Expo also chooses its partners based on their sensitivity to the environment at the factory level. Today, corporations play a larger role in the global effort to address the environmental issues facing the earth, and for more than 15 years Inax has recognized and prioritized its efforts. In 1992, Inax established its “First Basic Guidelines for Environmental Protection” and subsequently has reduced negative effects on the environment by refining its production processes, achieving zero emissions at all factories, developing a line of eco-friendly products and obtaining ISO140001 certification for reducing wastewater from all manufacturing plants to zero. In essence, Hawaii Home Expo strives to bring top quality, eco-friendly products to the market, but that would mean nothing if the production of these products resulted in excessive harm to the environment.

The first shipments of Inax will be arriving in early February. To see the Inax line of products, visit the Hawaii Home Expo showroom at 2933 Koapaka St.

CONTACT: 695-3976
WEBSITE: www.hawaiihomeexpo.com



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