Drywood termites are a menace to our homes and businesses. There is a much safer way to treat them without the toxic gases and moving out. Akamai Pest Solutions has been treating homes and businesses for nearly nine years and has treated thousands of structures. Orange oil treatments have been performed in California for 20 years and even though they’ve been available here in Hawaii since the late ’90s, they still seem new to most people.

As the owner, I want to make sure that our customers feel confident with our treatment and have as much information as possible. Some commonly asked questions are:

Q: Where does XT-21000 Orange Oil come from?

A: It comes from distilled orange rinds to extract the oil and D-limonene, the chemical name for Orange Oil. It’s a renewable resource and a by product of orange juice manufacturing.

Q: Is XT-2000 Orange Oil a primary treatment?

A: A primary treatment is when your whole structure is under warranty. There are only three primary treatments for drywood termites: fumigation, heat and XT-2000 Orange Oil. These are the only methods that have been proven to get a 100 percent kill in laboratory tests.

Q: How do you find all the termites in a structure?

A: Structural Integrated Pest Management, like all treatments, requires a quality inspection. A quality inspection is the key to an efficient and effective treatment of XT-2000 Orange Oil. Drywood termites cannot hide from a quality inspection. Termites may be living in inaccessible areas such as wall voids. An inspector with the knowledge of termites will be able to determine these possible areas of infestation. Akamai can use methods, such as using a borescope, during the treatment phase and this will allow access and identification of any additional infestations. With the right tools and knowledge, no termite can stay hidden.

Q: How does XT-2000 Orange Oil work compared to fumigation?

A: We use a precise, comprehensive drill-and-treat method. The capillary action of Orange Oil works like fumigation in many ways, but without the same risks. Orange Oil moves through wood like a gas, along the path of least resistance, filling up the treated piece of wood until the termites have no place to hide. Unlike fumigation, Orange Oil treatments are specifically targeted at the area of infestation, so you don’t need to move out.

Q: How does the price compare with fumigation prices?

A: The cost is based on structure size and amount of infestation. Because our method is labor intensive and very detailed, the cost is often higher, but there are no move-out costs or possible damage-repair costs that are associated with fumigation, so the cost is often the same or less.

I will answer more questions and provide swarm information in our March article.

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