Some things in life belong in the category of “out of sight, out of mind.” For most homeowners, the roof above their heads, keeping out the elements, is probably on that list. That is, until something happens, like the growth of water stains in the kitchen or actual water drops that are caught in a bucket appear.

Murakami’s Roofing offers a free inspection of your roof. It’s an easy process, just give us a call and we will walk you through it and identify problem areas and potential issues that may affect the life of your roof.

Until then, here are a few items to check to keep your roof in top condition:

Blast with water


In other words, apply a zinc cleaning solution to get rid of mold and fungus that may be growing on your roof. Then, pressure wash with a moderate amount of pressure.

Clean the pipes

If you see water spilling over the sides of your pipes when it rains instead of coming out of the bottom drains, the pipes may be blocked. Clear them out by inserting a garden hose from the bottom of the pipe and stuff around the hose to plug the opening. Turn the water on full blast! This should work, but if not, try inserting a broom handle for more stubborn blockages.

Apply a protective coating

Roof coatings not only cool your roof, and in turn, the interior of your home, but they also can provide a layer of protection from the sun and weather. Roof coatings can add years to the life of the roof.

The next step

Call Murakami’s Roofing. The inspection is free and the folks are friendly and honest.

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