Meeting Alternate Energy’s customer service support team

Over the years, Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) has earned a great reputation for their quality Mitsubishi PV panels, friendly and knowledgeable solar energy consultants and highly skilled installation crews.


But there’s one important team that many people don’t know about.

Meet Russ Lautherboren and Dean Wakatsuki, the AEI customer service and support technicians. It’s their job to troubleshoot and make any necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure that customers’ solar water and PV systems are running smoothly and at peak efficiency.

“When a new system is installed, there can be a learning curve as our customers settle in with it,” says Russ, who specializes in solar water heaters. “We’re there to answer any questions they might have after the installation has been completed, and to make any repairs that might be needed.”


Born and raised on Oahu, Russ is a family man who lives in Kaaawa with his wife and two children. “I try to treat my customers as if they were family too,” he says. “I like to go the extra mile, because people have made a big investment for their future. I want to be sure they get the most out of it.”

Russ’s partner Dean focuses on PV system service. While it’s rare that a system will actually need repair, he sometimes ends up helping customers with learning to use their computer monitoring system. “Sometimes it’s as simple as an unplugged internet cable,” Dean says. AEI systems come with the capability to monitor output for each solar module. “That’s an important feature, because customers want that peace of mind that comes with knowing how much energy their system is producing on a daily basis,” he said.

Dean is a Pearl City grad who attended UH with an emphasis on art and music. “I like working for a company that stands by their product and service,” he said. “It feels good to do a good job for our customers.”


Alternate Energy also is growing. Interested in helping Hawaii families and businesses switch to solar? Apply now to join the AEI sales force and earn up to $300,000 a year.

Alternate Energy is now located in a new, larger headquarters at 96-1276 Waihona St, # C124, in Pearl City. Call 842-5853 (Oahu) or 872-9592 (Maui) or visit the website at

ADDRESS: 96-1276 WAIHONA ST., C124
CONTACT: 842-5853