It goes without saying that now is the best time to purchase a photovoltaic system for your home. With high state and federal tax credits, the growing amount of rebate and financing programs available, coupled with HECO’s announcement about rising electricity rates, it would be wise to think about having a PV system installed at your home in the near future.

But there are some concerns when having a PV system installed.


The up-front costs can sometimes be overwhelming and there’s also the question of which sun zone you reside in. With so many manufacturers of PV panels, you might wonder which is the best brand. One concern that everyone has is roof space.

Some homes are just made for PV. There are some situations where there is an abundance of flat, optimum roof space that’s facing the perfect direction. Don’t we all wish that everyone’s roof was built that way?

Unfortunately, there are times when roof space is extremely limited and PV installers need to improvise or reject a job altogether.


It’s great to know that EnergyPro Hawaii can furnish multiple options and provide the perfect answer for your PV needs. The company’s team of professionals will work nonstop to build the optimum system for your home or business. EnergyPro Hawaii has teamed up with Florian Solar Products and Atlas Solar to bring you the latest products and technology in alternative structural design and mounting solutions.

With these companies, EnergyPro Hawaii can help you in constructing carports, canopies, gazebos, trellises and awnings. Other methods include skylights and swiveling window/PV panel systems. The best part is that they can still utilize products from trusted name brands such as Sanyo, Samsung and Enphase, to ensure that you are still getting a high-quality product.

Don’t be discouraged if another company has told you that your home is not ideal for PV. Call the experts at Energy-Pro Hawaii at 596-2890 to see how they can turn your home into an energy-efficient one.


EnergyPro Hawaii also provides energy saving solutions through other products as well. Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Attic Fans, Tankless Gas Water Heaters and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are just some of the products the company offers.

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