Granite as a natural stone countertop will greatly enhance your kitchen or bath. Not only is it beautiful, it is also durable. However, because it comes from nature, it has some natural flaws and needs some maintenance to preserve its beauty. Granite is porous and, although very durable, still susceptible to scratches from certain materials.

Protect against stains by sealing

Applying a sealer will help protect your countertop from stains. Sealers close up the pores in granite, preventing liquids from soaking in and staining. Granite sealers can be found at most home improvement stores and are fairly simple to use. Just apply, let sit, wipe and buff. To test your granite to see if resealing is needed, pour some water on your countertop and see if it soaks in by turning the area darker. If it beads up without turning dark and soaking in, the sealer is still in effect. Otherwise, resealing is needed. Although sealers help prevent stains, they can wear out over time, especially when your countertop is used often. It is good to seal every two or three years. Keeping your granite countertop clean will help reduce the frequency of sealing.

Cleaning up spills


It is best to avoid spilling liquids on granite as it will wear down the sealer’s protection. However, in kitchens and baths, spills are inevitable. What to watch out for is spilling liquids that are high in acidity or corrosive-like lemon juice or heavy-duty cleaners. To clean up spills, use a damp cloth or sponge. For tougher spills of oil or anything sticky, use mild soap and water. Always wipe your countertop dry, which also helps to prevent water marks.

Avoiding scratches

While granite is very durable and practically scratch-resistant to utensils, there are some materials that can scratch granite. Diamonds are one material that can scratch virtually any surface and are used in granite fabrication. Also, some common abrasives found in scratch pads also can cause scratches on granite. To keep your granite scratch-free, avoid placing abrasive materials nearby.

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