Happy 2012 from Akamai Pest Solutions. As we begin our ninth year, we are excited to see what is happening throughout the state and especially on Oahu. Thank you to all who have chosen the safer method of treating drywood termites. Commercial structures will benefit from the orange oil treatments as well as residential structures. Not having to move out, close businesses, bag perishables, hire security and face the possibility of damage all make our process much easier, safer and less intrusive than the traditional fumigation pro-cess, with its toxic gas and tear gas warning agent.

Akamai Pest Solutions prides itself on giving thorough inspections and using the latest technology to find and kill dry-wood termites in any structure. We have treated houses, schools, shopping centers, office complexes, doctors offices, veterinary clinics, churches, national park structures and structures in escrow.

Give us a call and an opportunity to show you the safer method of dry-wood termite treatment. Akamai Pest Solutions also does ground treatments as well for subterranean termites. We offer free estimates and fast and friendly service. Ask us about our referral program as well.

As the new year begins, let’s all work together to help protect our environment, our children and everyone who enjoys paradise.

CONTACT: OAHU: 808-754-3393 • MAUI: 808-280-4300
WEBSITE: www.akamaipestsolution.com



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