There are many simple and inexpensive updates you can complete to give your home a quick pick-me-up, allowing you to enjoy every minute spent inside.

Terrific table and chairs

The kitchen table is the hub of the home — where we dine as a family, do crafts, homework, play cards and board games. So it’s important to make this everyday staple a welcoming area for you, your family and friends. But is your wood tabletop looking drab or stained? Or is your metal surface chipped? No matter what wear and tear you may have inflicted on your table, you can easily update it with a quick coat of spray paint.

Directions: Remove any seat cushions from the chairs and thoroughly clean all table and chair surfaces. Once dry, spray all surfaces with your favorite color of Krylon Dual Paint + Primer spray paint. Since Dual is both a paint and a primer, you can complete your project in one simple step, and half the time. Once you’ve sprayed all areas and the surfaces are dry, you can re-attach your seat cushions, or create a new look with updated fabric and enjoy your refreshed kitchen activity center.

Focal point finishes


Lighting fixtures can increase the ambiance of any room — but replacing them can cost hundreds of dollars. With a little elbow grease, $20 and less than two hours, you can update your existing ones with a more attractive — and popular — finish.

Directions: Cover your work area with newspaper and disassemble the fixture. Clean the pieces and tape off areas that don’t need to be painted. Following the instructions on the label, apply aerosol indoor/outdoor primer followed by the new paint in your favorite color and finish. Once dry, remove the tape and reassemble your impressively updated focal point.

Cover the smallest details

Are you sick of staring at dull, dirty or chipped register covers or light switch plates around your home? A simple paint update can give any room an instant pick-me-up.

Directions: Remove register covers or light switch plates and place them on newspaper. Sand the surface lightly and wipe clean. Clean all pieces to remove any built up dust and grime. Follow instructions on the label and apply a number of light coats of aerosol primer, followed by a few coats of gloss or metallic spray paint. Once dry, reinstall and enjoy.

With just a few simple home projects, your space can feel fresh and new in no time at all. For more information on Krylon products, visit or