With the solar industry booming, scores of companies are entering the Hawaii market. Now, savvy homeowners interested in creating clean, renewable energy can meet local solar providers at the BIA Home Show Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 27 through 29, at Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. Attendees will have a chance to talk-story with 12 solar providers, and learn why RevoluSun is Hawaii homeowners’ No. 1 choice when it comes to solar design, installation and service.

“We’re so pleased to see that more Hawaii homeowners chose RevoluSun than any other solar provider in 2011,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “Although we may be the biggest, each of our homeowners receives the same personalized client service we offered when we first started RevoluSun. Being the biggest means nothing if the homeowner experience is anything less than superb. And through our installation partnership with American Piping & Boiler, jobs are completed on time and on budget, even during the busy season.”

RevoluSun recently scored a 91 percent in client satisfaction following a survey of 100 homeowners who installed solar systems in the past two years. In addition, RevoluSun earned a 94 percent client satisfaction rating for homeowners who hired RevoluSun to install solar systems using SunPower panels.


“Through our relationships within the industry, and our deep knowledge of federal and state programs aimed at increasing solar nationwide, RevoluSun clients are the first to get the latest technology and benefit from new programs,” Carlson said.

The following is a series of firsts from RevoluSun:

SunPower E20 series 327 solar panel

In December 2010, RevoluSun became the first solar provider in North America to offer the SunPower E20 series 327 solar panels in its residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) projects. The most efficient commercially available PV panels in the world, the E20/327 panel produces more power in the same amount of space — up to double the amount of power compared to conventional systems — thereby saving homeowners significant money in equipment and installation costs.

SunPower E18 series 225 AC solar panel

In January, RevoluSun was once again hand-picked by SunPower to offer its E18 series 225 AC solar panel. This panel is a revolutionary combination of high efficiency, high reliability and panel level DC to AC power conversion. Perfect for shady roofs or multi-hip roofs often found in Hawaii, these panels convert the energy from direct current (DC) into alternate current (AC) in the panel, eliminating the need for DC design and the corresponding installation challenges for system integrators. This reduces installation time by 20 percent or more.

Residential Feed-in Tariff system


Through the new feed-in tariff (FIT) program, the utility must pay its customers a fixed price for energy produced and returned to the grid under the FIT program. RevoluSun let client Kenneth Chang of Manoa know about this program, and helped him navigate the channels to design and install Oahu’s first residential FIT system. Chang now makes $1,300 a month from the system. Chang will continue to receive monthly checks for the solar electricity he sells to HECO, to the tune of nearly $320,000 over the next two decades, thanks to RevoluSun.

Solar education series

In 2009, RevoluSun hosted Hawaii’s first solar education series, and has continued to present these free, family-friendly solar educational seminars statewide for almost three years.

Solar open house program

RevoluSun offers the most robust solar open house program in Hawaii with free open houses every weekend and even some weekdays for homeowners interested in seeing a home solar system in action. Those interested in solar can get comfortable with the technology and the installation process at these events, where other Hawaii “Revolu-Sunaries” invite the public to see their solar system in action, and talk-story about design, the installation process and how the experience affected them.

Leasing options For many homeowners, the significant upfront costs to purchase a system may make going green unrealistic. RevoluSun provides a wide range of leasing opportunities to fit each Hawaii homeowner’s needs. Through the lease, Hawaii homeowners can install a solar system for as little as $0 down. They then purchase the energy they make at a locked in rate from the leasing company, at a rate lower than what they currently pay.


“As a locally owned company, we want to bring Hawaii residents the best technology, the highest-level of service and packaged in a way they can afford,” said Carlson. “We’ve started a revolution, and we want to help more Hawaii people declare their energy independence.”

Find out how RevoluSun is building cleaner, smarter communities one rooftop at a time by visiting www.RevoluSun.com or calling 748-8888.

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