RevoluSun, Hawaii’s leader in solar design and installation, is now installing the SunPower™ E20 series 327 Solar Panels in its residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) projects — thus becoming the first solar company to offer this groundbreaking technology in North America. The most efficient commercially available PV panels in the world, the E20/327 panel produces more power in the same amount of space — up to double the amount of power compared to conventional systems — thereby saving homeowners significant money in equipment and installation costs.

“We’re so pleased to be the first residential solar company in North America to offer this ground-breaking technology to the people of Hawaii,” said Todd Georgopapadakos, principal for RevoluSun. “The E20/327 panels provide the best bang for their buck over the life of the system. More power per panel means fewer panels to purchase, a smaller roof footprint, quicker installation time and lower mounting hardware cost.”

RevoluSun, a SunPower Elite Dealer, began installing the high-performance panels on various residential and commercial projects across the state in mid-December, and has used the panels for seven Hawaii homes to date, including Maddy Iwamoto’s system for her Maunawili home.


“My project developer, Julian Ritchey, was so wonderful during the entire process,” said Iwamoto. “I live in the worst sun zone on the Island, and was going to have to put at least 38 panels on my roof. Julian told me about the new 327 panel, and with it I only had to purchase 31 panels.

“My new system will offset my entire energy bill — even when I have my family come home to stay with me. I couldn’t be happier with the technology and service RevoluSun provided.”

Iwamoto’s 10.14 kW system, comprised of 31 SunPower 327 panels, will offset her entire monthly electric bill, saving her nearly $3,600 a year.

SunPower, the world’s foremost manufacturer of high-performance solar technology, launched the E20 Series 327 solar panels in November. Powered by SunPower Maxeon™ technology with its patented all-back-contact solar cell, the E20 series provides panel conversion efficiencies of up to 20.1 percent. The E20’s low-voltage temperature coefficient, anti-reflective glass and exceptional low-light performance attributes provide outstanding energy delivery per peak power watt.


“As a local company, we are committed to bringing the very best to Hawaii homeowners,” said Eric Carlson, Revolu-Sun principal. “This is as good as a panel gets. There is no other panel in the world that makes this much power per square foot. RevoluSun is proud to be installing the first SunPower E20 Series 327 panels in the United States.”

RevoluSun is Hawaii’s largest solar provider, designing and installing more than 1,000 photo-voltaic projects for 20 MW of energy. Providing the highest quality of service, technology and design in renewable energy, RevoluSun is bringing cleaner, smarter energy to communities, one rooftop at a time. With its extensive network of alternative energy partners and detailed knowledge of federal and state tax incentives, RevoluSun makes renewable solar energy an affordable and attractive option for both homeowners and businesses around the state.

Hawaii-owned Revolu-Sun offers free, understandable energy evaluations to its residential clients, which allow for customized systems based on each home’s unique energy needs. RevoluSun also provides a robust community education program aimed at educating homeowners on how solar works and what tax incentives are available through its free solar education series and solar open house programs.

For commercial and government projects, RevoluSun is pioneering new models in renewable energy that provide maximum value, expertise and service, while ensuring its clients the best possible business models to take advantage of local renewable energy opportunities.


For additional information about RevoluSun or to visit a solar open house, go to the website or simply call 748-8888.

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