Shirley Pai Hilton has a lot to smile about these days. No, she has not won the lottery, nor has she discovered a way to be a lady of leisure. What she is smiling about is the fact that she is receiving so much wonderful feedback from her customers, either happy homeowners who already have purchased a new wood floor or newly purchasing customers who tell her they have come to Pacific Imports International because everyone says it is the best!

And that is Pacific Imports’ No. 1 goal — to be Hawaii’s best wood flooring company. Starting with the very best products that Shirley personally hand-selects from around the world, to a top-notch staff that provides excellent customer service and product information, everything has been done to that end. And while they have been quite successful in working toward that goal, staffers know the work never stops.


Pacific Imports’ Kahala Floors line of engineered wood flooring is the best you can find in Hawaii or the entire United States, for that matter. With more than 1 million square feet sold in the last five years and absolutely no warranty claims, the flooring line is a beautiful, high-quality product. And because Pacific Imports is a direct importer, the value of Kahala Floors is absolutely fantastic.

Because these products are made especially for Pacific Imports and the local market, everything is geared to the Hawaiian climate and lifestyle. Moisture levels during manufacturing are closely monitored, and all finishes and adhesives meet the highest of health and safety standards. Shirley also asks them not to make the finishes too glossy so that they are low-maintenance for our local lifestyle.

The Kahala Floors are currently available in 18 beautiful species, including Hawaiian woods, and more varieties are added each year. Made with only the highest quality materials, the flooring is not only beautiful but installs like a dream. Kahala Floors engineered woods are simply ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants the hands-on experience. But if that’s not your cup of tea or you are too busy, Pacific Imports also offers high-quality installation services to accompany its prized products!


And one of the best customer services the company offers is its monthly Wood and Stone Flooring 101 seminars where Shirley presents a wealth of information on the various types of wood and stone flooring, tips on how to decide what would be best for your home and also valuable installation information. The next session will be held at the company showroom this Saturday, Dec. 10, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Best of all, attendees will be exclusively treated to an early Christmas gift of private sale pricing! Call 847-7711 for more information or to reserve a seat.

CONTACT: 847-7711


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