It’s the holiday season and Akamai Pest Solutions wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We also would like to thank everyone who has chosen the safer and less intrusive method of treating their homes and businesses with XT-2000 orange oil. We also would like to thank our customers for referring their friends, neighbors and ohana. Without you, our customer, we could not continue to grow. We are completing our eighth year doing the orange oil treatments and we expect 2012 to be our best year yet.

With the holidays upon us it’s so humbug to have to move out, bag food and take care of so many other inconveniences. We can treat your home and business without interfering with your holiday plans. Unfortunately, termites don’t take holidays. As part of our continuing commitment to excellence, Akamai Pest Solutions is incorporating as much new technology as possible into our efforts to locate and destroy the drywood termites in any structure.


Just to let our current and future customers know, Akamai Pest Solutions does offer subterranean termite treatments for your home or business.

This process requires a regular termiticide product which can leave a long residual for long-term protection. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an inspection. Remember that subterranean termites can do serious damage in a relatively short period of time. So when you see swarming termites remember that drywood and subterranean termites both swarm.

Call Akamai Pest Solutions for a free estimate and consultation and join the others who have experienced the advantages of XT-2000 orange oil treatments instead of fumigation with toxic gas.

CONTACT: OAHU: 808-754-3393 • MAUI: 808-280-4300 • BIG ISLAND: 808-640-4499



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