Most people are aware that solar systems, such as solar hot water, solar electric and even attic fans, qualify for healthy tax credits, both from the state and the federal government. Most people also don’t like to wait for their money. Because of this, the end of year is notoriously busy for most solar contractors.

Many people put off their solar project until the end of the year, when it becomes a mad rush to get a project completed. Most solar companies are fully booked through the end of the year at this point and are filling their schedules for the beginning of next year. If you wish to get a solar system of any kind installed this year, you may be hard-pressed to find someone who is able to complete your project this calendar year. There are other options available, such as “same as cash” programs that defer payment for your system for 12 months or more, at no additional cost. Now might be a good time to investigate what might be the best option for you and to come up with a game plan for 2012. Many companies are offering discounts for people who are willing to wait until next year to schedule their project.

New solar products are constantly being released. One of the latest to hit the market is an AC-rated solar electric panel. Several manufacturers are combining DC panels with built-in micro-inverters that put out the AC electricity that your house runs on. This has several advantages, including simplifying the panel installation and wiring, which leads to fewer expensive installs. Another advantage is that the panel and microinverter are covered under the same warranty, by the same manufacturer. This makes any potential warranty claims much simpler. Panels are also becoming more powerful and less expensive, which makes your “return on investment” or payback period less than five years, in most cases. After that, it’s free electricity!

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