Imagine getting a check from the utility company each month instead of paying them! How is this possible? Thanks go to the feed-in tariff (“FIT”), which mandates the utility must give its customers a fixed price for energy produced and returned into the grid under the FIT program.

Manoa homeowner Kenneth Chang is doing just that. He received his first check for $1,344 from HECO in November, and will continue to receive monthly checks for the next 20 years for power generated by his RevoluSun-designed and installed solar system. Based on his first check, Chang should end up making nearly $320,000 in the next two decades through his system.

“In 2009 I contacted RevoluSun to learn more about solar energy, and they walked me through the design and options for my home. RevoluSun project developer Abbie Willow made the entire process stress-free — the installation was simple and efficient, and now I get only a monthly $15.99 bill for administrative fees from HECO, when before I was paying over $120 each month for energy,” said Chang. “Then last year, Abbie told me about the feed-in tariff. The idea that I could add to my system and get paid by HECO was too good to pass up. We installed the FIT system in August, and now I’m getting paid to make clean, renewable energy!”


Chang is also among homeowners who have joined the RevoluSun to virtually eliminate their monthly electric bill, and now are looking to make even more solar energy to sell back to the utility, which is a little more than $0.27 per kWh for homeowners.

“We recommend Hawaii homeowners first install a net metered system, which makes enough solar energy to offset their actual usage energy consumption,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “After that, if the home has enough roof space, a homeowner can add a FIT system, which actually makes them money while at the same time it creates clean energy. It’s a win-win for both the homeowner and Hawaii!”

Chang’s net metered system is a 4.1 kW system, and the FIT system is a 16.7 kW system. Driving by, you will see 88 SunPower panels on his roof, pumping out green energy every day.

“We at Hawaiian Electric Company salute Kenneth Chang of Manoa, our first residential customer on Oahu to sign up for the Tier 1 Feed-in Tariff,” said Scott Seu, Hawaiian Electric vice president for energy resources. “The FIT provides a fixed contract and fixed payment to make it easy for people to sell renewable energy to us. Working with RevoluSun, Mr. Chang is going beyond producing renewable energy for his own use — under the FIT he is producing clean energy for our island and is helping Hawaii reduce its use of imported oil.”


The feed-in tariff and net energy metering are two ways HECO customers can benefit from producing renewable energy on their sites. With energy-efficient appliances and lighting, solar water heating and the right size photovoltaic system, homeowners make a positive difference today and into the future.

“Kenneth is a model RevoluSunary — not only does he offset his own energy bill and spread the solar word through solar open houses at his home, but now he is making solar energy for others to use,” said Abbie Willow, RevoluSun project developer. “By taking advantage of various government incentives, his investment will pay off quickly and he’ll soon be making a profit.”

To learn more, visit a solar open house held each weekend on Oahu or register for a free solar seminar at or by calling 748-8888.

“It’s been an interesting journey, but one I’m so glad I’ve made,” Chang said. “In fact, when the HECO inspector came out to look at my new FIT system, he told me, ‘Kenneth, you’re like Star Trek — you’re going where no man has gone before.’ It’s true! I’m the first, but I’m sure the first of many, when people realize what a great investment this is.”


For more information, visit HECO’s website at RevoluSun has designed and installed more residential photo-voltaic projects in 2010 and 2011 than any other company and offers free energy evaluations to homeowners, which allow for customized systems based on each home’s unique energy needs. To schedule your free energy evaluation, call 748-8888 or visit us at

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