Wendy’s guest bathroom was completely washed out. Complete with dim lighting, lack of storage and even a broken toilet, this bathroom was ready for renovation.

Wendy often has out-of-town visitors, so she wanted to give the room a guest-friendly facelift.

To begin this transformation, I decided on a dramatic color scheme, using rich ebony, crisp white and splashes of bright red. We treated the walls to a fresh coat of clean white paint, which flows into the white tiles we used in the new wall-to-wall shower. The bathroom floor was covered in elegant black tiles that have just a hint of texture in them.


To create counter space as well as storage for guests, I designed some custom cabinetry made from ebony-stained oak.

A wall-mounted storage unit is located where the bidet once stood. In place of the pedestal sink, we created a functional yet beautiful vanity. Tall mirrors flow into a black oak shelf, which in turn melds into a marble mosaic countertop. Open shelving underneath adds even more storage space.

But the crowning glory is definitely the red glass basin perched majestically on the mosaic counter-top. To save space, I chose a sleek, modern, wall-mounted faucet.

The custom glass-enclosed shower is another work of art. Guests will love this spacious shower, which features a mosaic-tiled floor and bench in varying shades of our black-and-white theme.


To prevent water damage, the window sill is angled downward so water will just flow right off.

We installed waterproof overhead lighting in the shower, recessed lights in the ceiling, under-cabinet lighting in the storage unit and two gorgeous sconces mounted right through the vanity mirror. This medley of light is functional yet soft and inviting.

Wendy has filled her home with art, so I wanted to incorporate artwork into the bathroom. The humid atmosphere in a bathroom, however, is not kind to paintings. Using fabrics in our color scheme, we created a tapestry instead.

After we added the finishing touches, like red accent pieces, this bright, ultra-modern bathroom was ready.


Interior decorator Candice Olson is host of HGTV’s “Candice Tells All.”