Do you sometimes wish that wealth and prosperity would flow into your life more effortlessly? If so, implement some basic feng shui concepts to energize your home and attract increased “wealth” energy.

When it comes to our state of wealth, I see both ends of the spectrum. Some people have no trouble at all with their finances while others never seem to have enough. If you spend money faster than it comes in or if you find that you desire things but have insufficient money to pay for them, enhancing your wealth with feng shui may be the key.

What story is your home telling you?

Our homes communicate to us in symbols. Everything around us tells a story about our lives. Keep items in your surroundings that symbolize what you want to create in your life. What story is your home telling? Do you have anything around you that speaks of blessings, wealth and abundance?

Clearing some space

You may have auspicious symbols that enhance wealth, but do you have the space for them? If you have meaningful items in your home amidst clutter and excess, you lose their effect and ability to work for you.


Most people hate to hear this, but clearing out as much excess as you can is powerful. Afterward, anything you do to enhance your wealth will have a more potent effect. Clearing your space is energizing and magnetizes your environment to wealth and abundance.

Find your home’s “wealth” corner

When standing at the front door of your home, facing in, the wealth area is in the far left corner. Do not be too concerned about where the wealth corner ends and begins, just note that area of your home resonates with wealth. The architectural front door of your home is always where you determine your main wealth area from, even if you usually use the garage door or side door.

If you have an irregularly shaped home and are unclear about exactly where your wealth corner is, you can find one in each room. You determine where the wealth corner is by standing in the doorway of the room and looking toward the far left corner.

No matter what, though, using these wealth-enhancing ideas anywhere in your home still will be effective. Set your intention and enhance your wealth by using the following suggestions.

Use purple, red, green or gold

When addressing your wealth corner, first think purple, a strong color that is associated with wealth, but also consider red, green and gold. Use an assortment of items, ranging from stones (purple amethyst, for example) to bedspreads, table runners, curtains, wall hangings or anything with these colors to help put energy into wealth manifestation.

Use symbols of wealth


Have things in your home that symbolically remind you of wealth — real or imitation currency, a piggy bank, change holder, jewelry box or gold coins (chocolate gold coins, for example). What symbolizes wealth to you? Photos of luxury homes, exotic locations or a dream car may give you wealthy thoughts.

Add a water source

Water is associated with movement and finances and is a way to get things “flowing.” So, in your wealth corner, place items that are symbolic of water — a fountain, photos of water or even a fish bowl. If you use a fountain, be sure the water flows toward the center of the room. Avoid excess water in the bedroom though, as it can overstimulate emotions.

Important notes

Do you have broken or non-functioning items in your home? If so, fix them or remove them from your environment. Placing non-functioning items anywhere in your home represents a block to the flow of energy. Get rid of them in order to get your wealth working for you again.

To help lift the energy of your home, make sure the wealth corner is well-lit, and remove dust, dirt, grime, disorganization and dead or dying plants from the area.

It’s not all about money

Most people associate wealth with finances, but wealth is a much broader concept. It also is related to the blessings we receive in our lives, even in the midst of challenges. It is about experiencing “profit” in the form of health, good news, opportunities or a positive turn of events. Appreciation and gratitude for what already exists helps bring continued flow.