The future of photovoltaics is integrated solar roofing installed by United Roofing and manufactured by Apollo Solar & CertainTeed. American manufacturer CertainTeed (100 years in business) has partnered with Apollo Solar to offer state of the art technology through roof-integrated solar shingles, and United Roofing is taking the lead in this product installation.

It looks like roofing, it’s durable like a shingle, but solar shingles not only serve as roofing but also provide renewable energy while maintaining the beauty of your home. As a five-star certified shingle installer, United Roofing is the roofing contractor taking solar integrated-roofing to the homeowner. This system is flush-mounted on your roof sheathing and has many benefits for the homeowner.

Did your solar contractor answer these questions? There are issues that the homeowner should be aware of before selecting a photovoltaic contractor.


Here are just a few things to consider:

• How many penetrations will be made in my roof? Typical photovoltaic systems will have a dozen lag bolts as well as a main penetration for the electrical conduits (into your attic). This will create multiple potential leaks in the future. Solar roofing has a single penetration in your roof with a custom vent cover for this application.

• Who will service my roof if it leaks? We will provide you with a seven-year workmanship warranty. As roofing contractors, we have much more experience working on roofs. Many solar contractors don’t have the expertise to work on all of the various types of roofing.

• Do you sub-contract out your installation? Many solar contractors do not have installation crews. They sub-contract out the work, so you don’t really know who is working on your roof.

• What are my after-installation costs? Many homeowners do not realize that if you ever need to reroof, it will cost you over $100 (per panel) to remove and reinstall the photovoltaic panels.

• How will my roof look? The finished roof will be much more attractive as the solar panels are flush-mounted and integrated directly to your roof sheathing. This will result in a sleek and seamless look eliminating the need for racks and mounts.

Here are a few key issues which make solar roofing a viable option for your home:

• Quality and Durability: The solar roofing product has a Class A fire rating, a 110 mph wind warranty, is durable and resistant to wind uplift and is UL1703 approved. This integrated system has a self-sealing membrane as well as a complete flashing system to ensure a watertight roof. Individual shingles can be repaired or replaced without having to remove the solar shingles. Although not recommended for safety reasons, these panels are walkable! This will minimize chances of damage if you ever termite-tent your home.

• Tax Credits: The CertainTeed Apollo Solar Roofing system qualifies for both the state and federal tax credits.

• Cost: When you reroof, you will not have to remove the solar shingles. This system can be installed into an existing shingle roof, thus eliminating the need to prematurely reroof a home to install a photovoltaic system. The solar roof system is competitively priced with current photovoltaic systems, and we are currently offering special introductory pricing until the middle of 2012.

• Peace of Mind: One contractor, one phone call. At United Roofing we will not only be able to offer you a fivestar 20-year workmanship warranty for your roof, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your entire roof is backed by one contractor.

We’re not just a solar roofing contractor. United Roofing is a full-service roofing contractor who has expertise in all types of roofing. We will provide you with a free estimate and can discuss energy star (heat reflective) products such as Platinum shingles, elastomeric coating systems and metal roofing systems. We have experienced installers who can install any type of roofing style that you desire. We will consider your needs and goals first, while providing you with the best value for your hard-earned dollar.

For a free estimate, call United Roofing at 428-7947. We would be glad to meet with you to discuss your roofing project.

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