Hawaii has the largest number of “flat roofs” per

capita in the nation, and along with those flat roofs comes the nuisance of ponding water conditions.

Ponding water is responsible for more damage to flat or low-sloped roofs than any other roofing condition. It creates unneeded stress on any structure, and we all know that it’s just a matter of time before that water finds its way into the

building, causing costly repairs and other issues.


Traditionally speaking, ponding water has been the Achilles’ heel of all acrylic systems. Even the best fabric-reinforced systems have experienced long-term trouble with ponding water — depending, of course, on how long and how deep the ponded water is. Some manufacturers even exclude ponding water from their warranties.

Well, worry no longer.

With the installation of Roof Slope, ponding water can be eliminated from the equation in one quick and easy step. Those unsightly “bird baths” or small areas where water and dirt collect can be filled with Roof Slope as well, leaving your roof to stay as white as the day it was applied.

Roof Slope is a durable, water-proof, polymer-rich cementitious material that can be used as a stand-alone repair, or be applied

prior to the application of your White Lava or Tropical Roofshield reflective water-proofing systems, as well as traditional roofing systems. The material is designed to create auxiliary slope over various roofing membranes and materials to divert water flow to drains, scuppers or an outside edge. It’s a quick and easy way to fill low spots in flat roofs and achieve positive slope to aid in proper drainage.


Roof Slope provides a durable finish that has the ability to incorporate the appropriate colored roofing granules to match the existing roofing composition when used as a stand-alone repair.

Roof Slope is approved by most major roofing manufacturers for use as a leveling material before installing a new roof to eliminate ponding water. It also can be applied on top of almost any type of roofing.

Roof Slope can be used over a variety of substrates outside of roofing, such as a deck or walkway. It can be used to create positive slope on almost any surface that may be bucking water.

As always, this simple, effective and affordable solution is brought to you by the water-proofing experts at All Weather Surfaces Hawaii.

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