EnergyPro Hawaii and its sister company, Waialae Plumbing, have installed many solar hot water systems throughout its 17-year history. EnergyPro Hawaii also has installed many solar photovoltaic systems and is rapidly closing in on its 100th PV installation. System No. 100 should be installed right around the end of this year. The purchaser of system No. 100 will receive a pleasant surprise bonus!

Solar PV systems are constantly evolving, becoming more efficient and less expensive, much like computers have been doing for years. After tax credits are factored in, most people can pay for their systems in less than five years. Most PV panels are warranted to produce electricity at 80 percent of their original minimum rating after 20-25 years, so they will produce free electricity for a long period of time. They also reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


Many newer PV systems use individual inverters for each solar panel, known as microinverters. This allows each panel to immediately convert the DC power it produces to the AC power that your house runs on. This improves efficiency and safety, since the microinverters immediately shut off any power supply in the event of a power failure, interruption or a short of any kind.

New modules that consist of a PV panel with an integral microinverterare are just being released, giving the panel an AC rating. These new panels will install faster and simplify any potential warranty issues. They also are more powerful than many of the rated products on the market today.

With the constant evolution of solar products and the different requirements of each individual homeowner’s needs, it’s important to pick an experienced company to install your solar system, whether it’s a hot water system, PV system or even a solar attic fan to cool your house. EnergyPro Hawaii has all of the proper licenses and the skilled employees to handle all aspects of an installation in-house.


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