With the holidays looming and kitchens full of people cooking and preparing holiday meals, be sure to have the right cleaners on hand to make cleanup less troublesome. Granite counter-tops require pH-neutral cleaners to help prolong the surface shine and to prevent the sealer from degrading.

Stone Polish cleans, polishes and maintains natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble and quartz. The special cleaning agents and waxes in Stone Polish help to eliminate water spots, fingerprints, dirt and other substances, which would otherwise damage the color and finish of the stone. It helps to bring out the luster of natural stone, creating a deep, long-lasting shine.


For a more thorough cleaner, Multi Clean is an extra strength pH-neutral, concentrated detergent designed for deep cleaning stone. Multi Clean gently and thoroughly lifts wax build up, oil and dirt from the pores and surface of all natural and cast stones without damaging the color and finish of the stone. Multi Clean would be recommended to use for disinfecting countertops or for heavy dirt cleanup prior to sealing.

If by chance you do happen to get a stain from spilled oil, red wine or any other substance that sat a little too long, Island Stone Center offers poultice stain removers. Overnight, the pesky stain can be gone, and your granite will be back to looking like new.

It is important not to use household solvents to clean your stone countertops, as they can strip away the natural polish and shorten the life of stone sealants. Other maintenance products, stone fabrication supplies and pH-neutral cleaners and polishes can be found at Island Stone Center. Also available are Stone Care kits, which contain both a cleaner and polish so that you can have both products readily available for use.

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