Want to “wow” guests with your culinary skills and the beauty of your kitchen? You’re not alone. Enhanced kitchen designs aimed at allowing homeowners to show off their advanced cooking techniques are one of the hottest kitchen trends.

Homeowners are tuning in to TV shows that showcase chefs competing for top honors, and designers upgrading old and rundown rooms into fabulous new living spaces. Modern kitchens are incorporating more of the elements chefs use in restaurants, and designers are giving kitchens plenty of function and style so that it’s a place to show off and gather with family and friends.

Here are a few suggestions:


• Incorporate bold colors in unexpected places. For example, pop your sink or cabinets out with a striking color against more neutral countertops, walls and floors. This trend makes the kitchen visually appealing, arresting the eyes in different locations.

• Recycling has gone beyond just hiding containers for aluminums, plastics and paper under the kitchen sink or in a closet. More modern kitchens are incorporating recycled content in the design and build. From flooring to countertops to light fixtures, the opportunities to make kitchens green are endless.

• Built-in appliances are the rage because they add to the beauty of the room, rather than interrupting the design. Some of the newest built-in products like the Studio Series contain professional grade features on ovens, ranges and refrigerators that aren’t traditionally found in private kitchens. For example, LG’s UltraHeat feature is one of the most powerful burners on a free-standing range, making it easier to achieve great cooking results with gourmet meals. And LG’s oven InfraGrill system utilizes infrared heating elements to keep food juicier than traditional thermal cooking does.

• Choose products that combine production and entertainment. There are many gadgets that do double duty. For example, sink covers allow users to extend countertop space and cabinets can hold dishes, but also have built-in speakers.