As the economy struggles, many people are fixing their old appliances instead of buying new. But where do you go to get the parts needed for the repair? The answer is Reliable Parts.

Formerly known as Appliance Parts Co., Reliable Parts has been serving the people of Hawaii and the Pacific for more than 50 years. The Seattle-based company, which bills itself as “the house of a million parts,” acquired Appliance Parts in February 2007. Founded in 1933, Reliable Parts operates more than 40 stores throughout Canada, the western United States and Hawaii. In Hawaii, the company has two locations — one in Honolulu and the other in Waipio-Gentry.


The company’s Hawaii sales staff has a combined 150 years of experience, and is willing to help in any way possible. It doesn’t matter if you are the seasoned servicer or the weekend warrior, their knowledge and experience in this industry always will be a plus.

Reliable Parts believes that “repairing is recycling.” It is usually less expensive, and it adds less waste to our limited landfills. Reliable will do its best to help you get your appliance up and running. But there may be times when Reliable Parts will recommend calling in a professional. With the use of electronics in the newer appliances, it may be wiser and less-expensive to call a qualified technician for repairs.

When it comes to deciding on a technician, call a few companies to get their rates. And if possible, check online to see if anyone has given the companies any reviews — good or bad.


Sometimes that old appliance is just not worth fixing. In that case, be sure to dispose of your old appliance using the bulk pick-up program in your area.

Or when purchasing a new appliance, ask the sales person if they will pick up your old appliance and dispose of it properly.

Reliable Parts carries an extensive inventory of unique accessories, cleaners and miscellaneous products. There are brushes made for specific uses, refrigerator water filters, barbecue sauces and many other things that you might not expect to find in the store. There are quite a few customers who will stop in just to see “what’s new.”


To learn more about Reliable Parts, just drop by one of its two convenient locations, or visit the website,

CONTACT: 676-2664 • 847-3271


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