Smart, affordable upgrades that remake your kitchen

Replacing counter-tops and the sink can give your kitchen a whole new look — for a fraction of the cost of a major remodel. Mix in simple cosmetic upgrades such as a fresh coat of paint and cabinet hardware, and kitchen remodeling becomes affordable and achievable.


To minimize the risk of a style clash between these two important kitchen design elements, seek out a sink with classic style and practical functionality, such as an apron-front sink — a design that has stood the test of time.

Until recently, adding an apron sink meant replacing both cabinetry and countertops. But the Kohler Whitehaven self-trimming apron-front kitchen sink solves the problem. In addition to being available in a conventional 9-inch apron that requires an apron-front sink base cabinet, the Whitehaven also comes in a 7-inch retrofit version that allows you to achieve the farmhouse look without replacing cabinetry.

The basin itself is still 9 inches deep, but the 7-inch apron fits a standard sink base cabinet. Made of durable Kohler Enameled Cast Iron, the sink is available in 16 colors, including much-loved neutrals and brighter, designer hues. Log on to