Town & Country Builders LLC. is a licensed general contracting design-build firm that has been serving Oahu residents for the past 30 years. The company specializes in custom homes, remodels, additions, designer kitchens, bathrooms, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) modifications/ improvements as well as multigenerational homes, and offers full construction services.

Extreme hillside conditions require creative designing for driveways and parking structures. Usually this means moss rock wall retaining structures with compacted backfill, keystone block walls, ICF forms with stucco finish, or concrete columns that need to be constructed in order for parking to be built. Often the hillside will require excavation to create space. Existing conditions require special engineering to conform to swales and planned city sidewalks in order to adhere to the state engineering codes. Also, special inspections are needed to assure compliance with city building department regulations.

Cuts and fills for the planned project require calculations and approval by the appropriate agency, and grading permits need to be secured as well as a designation for the removed materials. If community associations are involved, then approvals must be obtained as designs must follow association guidelines.


Special design districts also require design conformity and in some cases landscaping. Driveway slopes and water run-off issues need to be addressed demanding contractors use “best management practices” to minimize soil washing across roadways or boulders crashing into neighboring yards or onto streets.

There are many homes throughout Oahu that don’t have a place to park the car. And street parking is so limited that you would be better off not having a vehicle.

In extreme conditions, when space is very limited, Town & Country Builders can raise the home so that parking and garage space become available beneath the residence. The company can help the situation by assisting you in analyzing your site conditions, preparing blueprints, obtaining approvals, and constructing a new driveway and garage for you. Upon completion, you will be pleased to find that you have a beautiful new driveway, a large parking space and a new garage to store all your valuables in a safe and organized place.

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