By now, people have come to realize that Hawaii Home Expo (HHE) is a simple one-stop shop for nearly all of their renovation needs. To spruce up the look of their outdoors, customers know they can get pool tiles, stone or tiles perfect for outdoor use, Jacuzzi and swim spas, river rocks or even outdoor grills. For home interiors, people have flocked to the company showroom to view toilets, kitchen and bath fixtures, stones and tiles for flooring, granite or quartz counter-tops, decorative glass mosaics, and even cabinetry.

Recently, they’ve come to know HHE for providing green solutions as well, offering photovoltaic systems and LED lighting solutions that complement the low-water usage fixtures and TOTO toilets. But now, HHE has added one more thing to finally make it easy and painless to move forward with the renovations homeowners always have wanted.


Financing. A brand new kitchen or stone flooring through the home adds value, but it does take a bit of capital. A photovoltaic system will cut down an electric bill tremendously, but there is a significant upfront expense to own a system.

Now, HHE has turned the tables to favor the consumer. Clients can get a loan amortized over five years with the first two years interest free. After the first two years, the interest rate becomes 5.99 percent for the three-year period (or less than 2 percent per year). The best part is there are no early repayment fees so if the loan is paid at the end of two years, there is effectively no interest charged. This is especially effective when used for a photo-voltaic system, because the money saved on state and federal tax credits can be used to pay down the loan quickly.

But if clients want to splurge on something a little more fun, such as a luxurious Jacuzzi, the staff at Hawaii Home Expo will be more than happy to help them out.

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