Green Energy Outlet (GEO) is a proud supporter of the Sierra’s Club’s first “National Plug-in Day” celebration Oct. 16. Honolulu is one of only 12 inaugural cities in the U.S. selected by the Sierra Club to put on this historic event. Join the celebration in Kakaako for an opportunity to meet and interact with owners of electric cars about their experiences as early adaptors. It will be a good ol’ fashioned tailgate party — only without the tailpipes. Many visitors also will be driving up to the Haleiwa Farmer’s Market that day from 10 a.m. to noon for free test rides in electric cars. Look for the Plug in America booth for more info.

The festivities at the Children’s Discovery Center parking lot will go from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. GEO will be offering free electric car shuttle rides from 575-G Cooke St. to the center location. Residents are invited to feel what it’s like to ride into the future of transportation.


GEO also will celebrate the day with special guest speakers discussing the latest developments in the fast-moving electric car industry from noon to 4 p.m. at 575-G Cooke St. Call GEO at 591-1900 for more details.

At the same time, GEO also will conduct a Cool Roof Seminar and Sale from noon to 4 p.m. Learning how to install your own cool roof can be fun and financially rewarding. Often, friends and neighbors pitch in to help each other make the job go easier. If you wish to have a licensed contractor install your roof, that can easily be arranged. Come and learn about the differences in the leading edge roof coating systems. Is your roof better suited for a silicone coating or an acrylic coating? They both have their place. Bring photos or drawings of your roof for an in-depth consultation.

Benefits of a cool roof include 100 percent protection from UV damage, and a permanent roofing system that never needs to be replaced. Simply apply a top coat every 10 to 15 years using only a fraction of the original material. While coating generally is fairly simple, there are definitely “tricks of the trade” that save you time and money.


Tips for coating shingle roofs The good news is that you don’t need to use reinforcing fabric. We can tint the coating to blend in with your neighborhood. However, there are some helpful hints to ensure your project goes smoothly. Attend this weekend’s event to find out how.

When can I get away with just a simple reflectivity coat? If your roof doesn’t leak or pond water, you may be a candidate for an inexpensive reflectivity coat, which will cool down your home and protect your roof against UV damage. Bring or email us photos of your roof so our experts can examine them.

What are my options if I have heavy ponding water? There are a few solutions depending on how much water is on your roof. This includes full fabric reinforced systems, as well as silicone-based coatings that will be on sale at this weekend’s event.


Many roof coatings will be on sale, but only during the event. These include Hawaiian Sunguard Silicone and Ceramic, as well as the Sta-Kool and Apoc lines.

For more information, visit or call GEO at 591-1900.

CONTACT: 591-1900


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