Fall home improvement projects can help protect your home from cold weather and save money on costly repairs down the road.

“Check major systems that help protect your house — the roof, gutters, siding, exterior finish, windows, doors, foundation and steps, plus interior components like heating, cooling, chimney and electrical systems,” says Kathy Krafka Harkema, spokeswoman for Pella Windows and Doors.


Look for obvious signs of deterioration, damage or potential problems, Krafka Harkema advises. Replace or repair worn or broken items before they cause potential problems.

Inspect windows, doors

When checking your home’s windows and doors, inspect the interior and exterior finishes around them. Signs of flaking and peeling or water stains may mean that it’s time to refinish or replace the unit.

Next, check windowsills for dirt and debris like sand, leaves, insects or pine needles. Debris can hamper the airtight effectiveness and overall performance of doors and windows.


Finally, feel for uneven sliding and sticking when you open and close a window. Try using a non-oily lubricant, like paraffin wax, on the opposing finishes.