Only on TV would a redecorating budget of a couple thousand dollars be considered “shoestring.” In the real world, most of us have a lot less than that to spend on redoing a room.

Fortunately, it’s possible to completely change the look of any room in the house for as little as $100. All you need to do is focus on the design elements that will deliver the most impact for the least cost. Here’s a room-by-room guide for redos that cost $100 or even less.

Every room

A fresh coat of paint is an essential foundation for virtually any room makeover. One gallon will cover most rooms, meaning you can get a good start on your redesign for around $25 — even less if you luck out and find a deal.


Decluttering is also another way to give a room a fresh look. Whether it’s your living room, kitchen or a child’s room, removing excess items like papers and toys can make the room feel open and orderly.

Dining room

Your table and chairs are the centerpiece of your dining room. While a new set might not be in the budget, you can easily dress up your old one. Replacing old fabric on dining chair seat cushions can give the set a whole new look. Depending on the fabric color and style you choose, you can create looks that range from modern to traditional. Top off the table with a decorative runner in a complimentary pattern and you’ve redone your dining room for less than $100.

Living room

Accessories are the way to achieve a big impact for not much money in the living room. Replace old throw pillows with new, brightly patterned ones. Switch out wall decor with new pieces. Cover up worn wooden floors or shabby carpeting with an elegant area rug. It’s possible to change several accessories and still bring your costs in under the $100 mark.

Kids room

If your youngster is ready for a new look in his room, rip down that teddy bear border, let him pick a paint color and consider dressing up one wall of the room with a mural. You can find plenty of kids murals for less than $100 online at websites like Whether he likes a solar system theme or she wants a princess canopy, a wall mural can make redoing a children’s room fast and easy.



Get rid of that old, moldy shower curtain. To create a designer look for not much dough, hang a simple, functional vinyl curtain on the existing shower rod, then place a pressure rod just outside it. Add attractive, floor-length curtains from the local discount store; they’ll cost a lot less than comparable versions made for bathroom use.

Ditch worn, ratty old towels with a matching set of new ones in an appealing pattern or color. Finish up by adding a decorative frame around the existing vanity mirror.


It’s easy to spend a bundle on a kitchen rehab, but it’s just as easy to make small changes that have a big impact. Rather than sinking a lot of money into changing countertops or cabinets, consider simple upgrades like new cabinet hardware, a new kitchen faucet and a new light fixture. You can also use a wall mural in the kitchen to dress it up. Whether you’re looking for a rustic theme that would fit with Italian murals or a nature scape that turns a blank wall into a view on another world, you can find a wall mural to fit virtually every decorating theme for as little as $60.

You don’t need the budget of a TV home improvement show to make high-impact, appealing changes to your home. You just need $100 and some ingenuity.