With the holiday season coming up fast and plans for entertaining guests already in progress, it may be time to schedule that painting job you’ve been putting off.

“People usually want their home to look its best for the holidays,” said Ted Wexler, owner of Island Budget Painting. “And a new paint job is a good place to start. When we look at the same walls daily, we often don’t notice that paint has become dingy or blotchy. Sometimes just repainting the same surface in the same color can make a world of difference … or new trim color could be added to give a room a new look.


“Whatever the homeowner’s decision, it’s a good idea to get started before adding decorations or new furniture. So, if a job needs to be completed before Thanksgiving or Christmas, it should be scheduled as soon as possible.

“It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute to schedule a job if you want the best service and highest quality workmanship. However, if someone calls us at the last minute, we do our best to meet their needs. And we can usually find a way to fit them in since we have a large crew … and we do not escalate prices just because we’re busy. But it works better for everyone if we can plan ahead and spend some time with the client inspecting the home and choosing colors.”

Wexler noted that, in some cases, preliminary inspections uncover termite damage or rot, which Island Budget Painting has the capability to repair, since the company crew includes skilled carpenters. If the job is an interior, wall paper removal or dry wall, work may also be involved and can be handled “in house.”


Wexler, a licensed, bonded contractor who has been in the business for more than 30 years, noted that a painter who shows up at a jobsite for the first time and immediately begins painting may not be the best choice. Wexler has had considerable experience over the years with structures that were not properly prepped by the previous painter, with peeling and cracking as the result.

“Once I meet the client at the jobsite, whether a residential or commercial project, I evaluate the condition of the surfaces and provide a proposal that may only cover painting, if that’s all that’s needed. However, I will also note the cost of prep work to restore the integrity of the wood or masonry. A good paint job not only lasts, it also protects and prolongs the life of the building.”

Wexler is a specialist in color selection and can assist clients in making choices and matching existing colors or furnishings, as well as advise on the best products for the job by taking into account factors such as weather conditions in the area. His crew is experienced in working with difficult job sites requiring scaffolding and operating within the parameters set by condominiums effecting access, parking, and times that work can be performed.


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