Among the many advantages of working with a design/build contractor are the “flexibility factor” as it applies and the capability to handle every aspect of a job from concept to completion quickly and efficiently “under the same roof.”

“With a true design/build firm, such as Homeworks Construction, planning, permitting, architecture, engineering, and selections — literally all the services required by the client — are provided by professionals who work together as a team,” said company president Marshall Hickox. “The client benefits because we are in communication on a regular basis, so the many steps toward completion of a job follow each other in a well-organized sequence. Breakdowns in communication that can occur when, for example, the architectural designer is with one company and the engineer is with another are avoided. These kinds of breakdowns cause delays and delays cost money. When we prepare a budget for the client, whether for a remodeling project or a new custom home, it is contingent on an approved design plan and a certain time frame.

“However, because we are all working in concert a change doesn’t have to stall the entire project. I essentially see a design plan as ‘organic,’ meaning it can grow and evolve as the client and Homeworks designer review details and move toward the day when builders arrive at the job-site to start the work.”


But what about the impact of a change on the budget? Hickox cites a recent project in which the client made two major changes after plans for a complete rebuild of a Kahala house were ready to be implemented.

“Our client had seen some photos of a curved stairway that appealed to them more than the style of stairway that had originally been in the plans. They had also seen a Juliet balcony, essentially a small step-out balcony, that they wanted to add to the second level above the main entrance to the home. Both of these additions were doable at the stage of the project we had reached, but the client’s concern was that they would add significant cost to the job. As it turned out, this was not the case. We were able to incorporate the desired features into an updated plan and stay within the original budget.”

Hickox explained that through a process he refers to as “value engineering,” Homeworks was able “to review the overall plan and find ways to save on other details without compromising quality. By working with the clients and prioritizing their needs we are able to implement new ideas into the project and decide which features are important and which are not. Our goal is, of course, to keep them all, but if we can’t, this is the next best thing and our clients love the flexibility.

“A project is continually evolving. We would not want a client to miss out on a great idea because it came along later in the process. As a design/build firm we can make the necessary decisions within hours. We don’t have to wait a day or two for an architect to redraw plans and for a contractor to rebid it. In the case of the current Kahala rebuild, the job is right on track in terms of both budget and schedule.”


Hickox pointed out that each member of the Homeworks team is individually licensed and, as such, is responsible to the client as well as to the company for the quality of the services performed.

Homeworks Construction maintains a showroom at the Homeworks Building, located at 2111 S. Beretania St. Clients or prospective clients visit the showroom by appointment or can meet with Homeworks staff members in the company’s second floor conference room to review photos of completed remodeling projects and new custom homes, as well as the gallery of awards. Homeworks has once again been named one of the nation’s “Top 500 Remodelers” by Qualified Remodeler Magazine.

Homeworks CEO Jim Byxbee hosts the “Build New Or ReDo” radio show Saturday mornings from 9 to 10 on KHVH NewsRadio 830 AM. Listeners are invited to call in with their questions or to suggest topics for future shows.

For information or to make an appointment to visit the showroom, call Homeworks at 955-2777.

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