If your kitchen was built within the last 40 years, you’re probably dealing with two of the most common kitchen ailments — “dustifying” particleboard cabinetry and peeling plastic counter-tops.

When diagnosing your cabinet health at home, you may have discovered the portions of your kitchen where water settled long ago. This condition is called “dustifying,” and often leaves homeowners with a case of the particleboard blues. There is hope, however, and it comes in the form of hardwood. Yes, it turns out that nature had it right all along!


If you’re fortunate enough to have dodged the bullet of the first tell-tale symptom of a terminally ill kitchen, you’re still likely to be contending with its closely related and most unwelcome cousin — ugly counter-tops. Unless you were one of the lucky few who bought Apple stock in 1986, the luxury of having a countertop made from the earth itself has, until now, largely been reserved for the elite few. That likely leaves you with one of two sad excuses for a culinary workspace: plastic that looks like plastic, or plastic that tries its very best to look like stone — both of which only end in daily disappointment. Peeling back, discoloration, and permanent burn and knife marks are among the most common side effects of this global epidemic — but again, there is much hope. It turns out that solid granite, when prescribed in wide availability and affordability, is a permanent cure for acute “plasticcountertopitis!”

This, combined with a healthy dose of equally affordable hardwood cabinetry, and your once-hopeless kitchen is well on the road to recovery. While man may have harvested and shaped hardwood cabinets and natural stone countertops in many ways, these are by far the superior creations of Mother Nature and are indeed the key ingredients to regaining a long-lasting and enjoyable culinary workspace. Man, in his audacious attempts to usurp nature, has again fallen short, and if you recognize the absolute perfection and superiority Mother Nature has indeed provided us all along, well, it’s time to do something about it.

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